Dodie Jacobi
Dodie Jacobi

Founder 10 For- And Not-for-profit Ventures

About me

During 40 years so far, I founded 10 for- and not-for-profit ventures and created growth strategies for hundreds of accomplished and gratified entrepreneurs, and collaborated with the top organizations in entrepreneurship education. I’ve worked in ventures with many variations of sort, size, funding source, and business model, and in more than 75 industries when I stopped counting fifteen years ago. I’ve collaborated with IBM, Jim Henson's Muppets, Harrison/Erickson (Phillie Phanatic's creators among others), Children’s Television Workshop, PBS’ History Detectives, Hallmark, Kauffman Foundation for Entrepreneurship, Sprint, Universal Press Syndicate, The Kansas City Star, and hundreds of other less recognizable and impactful ventures. Now I head my company Dodiodo where I assemble expert teams to develop intellectual properties that market-dominant brands acquire. Read my longer story at I always allocate time to advise others and learn as much through these convos as I share. Following are a few topics that work well for a 30- or 60-minute conversation: - Growth spurts - Identifying and prioritizing next steps for your goal - Pivot or persevere on your plan - Opportunity assessment – now, later, or never - Fundraising (bootstrap, equity, debt, philanthropic, crowd, or combo) - Product development, test, and launch - Deal prep, pitch, nurturing, and negotiations - Entrepreneur stamina, self-care and lifestyle design

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