Andra Vaduva
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MITDesignX Culture Expert + Transformational Coach for Founders & Teams

About me

Data-Driven Culture Expert + Culture First Lead at Culture Amp. Transformational Coach for Underrepresented Founders. At Culture Amp, I am building a community of leaders in Mexico <> the US, who believe a better world of work is possible. Clients: Cornell University, Canon, Walgreens. For individuals/founders: I create a container to overcome trauma, find their “why,” turn fear into power and build the business of their dreams from a place of courage. I coached 200 women founders in 2022; 5% raised their first check or got accepted into a top-tier incubator like TechStars. My expertise is rooted in the MITDesignX framework for human-centered design. For companies: I help leaders and managers drive accountability with teams, increase performance and reduce churn through upskilling in relational intelligence, empathy, and psychological safety. Things I can advise on: - startups - fundraising - how to build culture from Day 1 - easy tips for creating a healthy work environment - share resources My North Star mission is to enable women and underrepresented groups to speak up and attain equitable success in business. I love helping others, especially entrepreneurs. I can’t wait to help you along your business journey!

What to expect

15 minute session

  • - ask three or more questions
  • - tips on how to build culture
  • - share resources for finding underrepresented talent
  • - how to create a safe work environment from day 1

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