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Founder + Startup Culture Expert

About me

Founder & CEO of + Startup Culture Expert. Forbes 30 under 30 founder.

I show startups how to create psychologically safe environments for women and underrepresented groups.


IBM-awarded founder

For companies:

For individuals: 

Through my work, I empower organizations and individuals to improve engagement and belonging and lower attrition. 

Things I can advise on:
- startups
- fundraising 
- how to build culture from Day 1
- easy tips for creating a healthy work environment 
- share resources

I love helping others, especially entrepreneurs. I can’t wait to help you along your business journey!

What to expect

15 minute session

  • - ask three or more questions
  • - tips on how to build culture
  • - share resources for finding underrepresented talent
  • - how to create a safe work environment from day 1

$150 • Session