Navid Moazzez
Navid Moazzez

Lifestyle Entrepreneur | Online Marketing Expert | Creator | Global Citizen

About me

Navid Moazzez is a law school dropout turned lifestyle entrepreneur, creator, online marketing expert, investor, digital nomad, and global citizen. Since my very humble beginnings, I’ve traveled the world and lived in many amazing places. I’ve made millions of dollars through selling online courses and various other digital products, hosting highly impactful virtual events, and affiliate marketing. Learn more at my website and blog: 🏆 Notable things I’ve achieved: - I made my first dollar online in July 2013 (through an affiliate sale). The exact amount was $65! - I quit my day job (a part-time job at a bank making less than $1,000 per month) November 28th, 2014 when my first virtual summit took off, and I’ve never had a regular job ever since. - I became known as the world’s leading virtual event expert for 10+ years running Virtual Summit Mastery. - I’ve made millions of dollars selling online courses, hosting online summits and through affiliate marketing promoting other people’s products. - I’m most proud of my hundreds of clients and students who have used my proven strategies to transform their business and life for the better, collectively helping them generate millions of email subscribers and $10’s of millions in sales in just a few short years. - Past clients include: Neil Patel, Chandler Bolt, Caitlin Pyle, Olly Richards, Mitch Asser, Steph Gaudreau, and many others. - I’ve been featured in major publications and websites like Forbes, Inc.,, HuffPost, Yahoo Finance, Mixergy, EOFire,, and many more. - I’ve been a digital nomad and true global citizen for almost 10 years (with permanent residency, businesses and bank accounts in different countries). 💪 Strengths & Things I Can Help You With: - Virtual Events - Online Courses - Digital Products - Audience Building - Email Marketing - Newsletters - Marketing Automation - Affiliate Marketing - Event Marketing - Artificial Intelligence - Growth Marketing - Content Marketing - Copywriting - Networking - Personal Branding - Outsourcing - Remote Work - Global Citizen (foreign bank accounts, 2nd passport, residences etc.) - Life as a Digital Nomad I love helping others, especially entrepreneurs, and I can’t wait to help you along your business journey! Come prepared with this answer: if things go well on the topic that we are discussing, what does success look like in 6 months, 1 year, 5 years. Be specific. Revenue, net worth, users/customers/students, lifestyle…whatever. Have numbers. I look forward to helping you!

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