Tracy DiNunzio
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Founder & CEO of Tradesy ($1B+ sales)

About me

Self-made, hands-on operator with heart & humor. Started as an artist now we're here 💃🏼 Personal and professional growth go together ✨ Built my business from $0-$1B+ sales, raised $150M, featured in NYT / WSJ / other major media, built systems for A+ culture with 83 eNPS & highly performant team, deployed 36 consecutive quarters of OKRs, ran successful M+A process, oversaw global tech + team integration with acquirer Vestiaire Collective as CEO North America. Now advisor & investor for startups in tech, healthcare, fashion, sustainability. I can teach you how to start, grow, fund, scale, & sell your business. Schedule a call for advice on: - Fundraising - Business strategy - Product & Innovation - 2-sided Marketplaces - Communications/Branding/PR - Building and Measuring Culture - OKRs & Performance Mgmt - Founder Life I'm passionate about empowering the next generation of impact-driven enterpreneurs. Excited to connect with you!

What to expect

15 minute session

  • - ask three or more questions
  • - tips on how to start a successful company
  • - advice on getting your first 10,000 customers
  • - growth hacks & jumpstarting growth

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