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Give everyone access to anyone
Our mission is to give everyone access to anyone, empowering each other to make our world better. By unlocking this type of access, more people from all over the world will have the same opportunities to connect, learn, and take action. 
Our Values
Let’s empower each other to create a better world
Intro is a fast growing startup that deeply cares about our mission, our culture, and going above & beyond in everything we do.
Impress the customer
We will build your profile page for you. Just send us your existing profile photo and we’ll do the rest.
Be successful as a company
You should strive to be excellent in you role, but you should also strive to help others be excellent in their roles. Why? Our company's success will surpass your wildest expectations meaning your personal success will too.
Take a moment to understand others
Put yourself in the shoes of others, be it the customer, a coworker, or anyone else. The best way to do this is by talking to them, being empathetic that we're all dealing with our own struggles, and that we have different motivations
Feedback should make us stronger, not weaker
Be confident in yourself to ask for feedback and give feedback. But remember to give actionable feedback that will help others grow, versus reducing their confidence. Always assume positive intent. 
Practice gratefulness
We are lucky that of all the people in this world, we get to be ones that build this company. Cherish this feeling and use it as fuel to further the mission
Raad Mobrem
Cofounder & CEO, Intro

“When I was younger, I was walking down the street with a friend. My friend pointed out that the person across the street was none other than Paul Orfalea, the founder of Kinko’s. 

I went right up to Paul, tapped him on the shoulder, and said, ‘Mr. Orfalea, I heard you’re the founder of Kinko’s. I’m a young aspiring entrepreneur and would like to ask you some questions.’ 

He invited me to sit down and in 15 minutes, I learned more about entrepreneurship than I had ever before, and I was inspired to take action. I felt like he believed in me and in that moment, I decided to become an entrepreneur.

With Intro, this is our chance to pay it forward and help others gain access to people that can help guide them and inspire them, in any topic.”

Our Perks
Everyone is different. We’ll work with you to create a custom perks package that makes sense for you.
Intro is a fast growing startup that deeply cares about our mission, our culture, and going above & beyond in everything we do.
Competitive salary
We believe in working with the best. We also believe in fair compensation that excites you to be a part of this journey.
We expect you to act like an owner. We offer equity grants in the form of stock options. When we win, you should win too.
Best in class healthcare, on us
Including health, dental, & vision. We will cover 100% of costs for the highest grade plans.
Company offsites
We will fly you to come visit us in LA. We will organize fun trips to build the team bond. Do not miss out on these!
Flexible locations
We’re remote first, but also understand that we need to surround ourselves with others. Feel free to work from home, from a coworking space, or from our HQ in Los Angeles, CA.
Flexible time off
Everyone is different and some people like to travel more often than others. Others need to take time off for errands. We trust our people to get their work done.
Stipend for home setup
We’ll cover the costs for your new Apple computer, a modern desk, ergonomic chair, and more.
Pick your own perks
Want to join a gym? Want to take an online course? Need a stipend for massages? We’ll cover the costs. We’ll work with you to create a custom perks plan that’s fair & makes you feel great. 
If you’re interested in working with a world class team, take a look at our openings
Our investors
Alexis Ohanian 
Founder, Reddit
Michael Ovitz
Founder, CAA
David Soloman, CEO
Goldman Sachs
Tiffany Haddish
Actor & Comedian
Kevin Durant
NBA All-Star
Kevin Hart
Actor & Comedian
Anne Wojcicki
CEO, 23 & Me
Heidi Zak
CEO, Thirdlove
David Spector
Cofounder, Thirdlove
Michael & Daniel 
Fab Fit Fun
Paul Orfalea
Founder of Kinko’s
Terry Crews
Actor & Host
Rachel Zoe
Fashion Icon & CEO
Nate Berkus
Celebrity Designer
Karrueche Tran
Model & Actress
Katherine Power
CEO, Merit Beauty
Michelle Lee
Ex-EIC, Allure
Sam Teller
Ex-Tesla, SpaceX
Spencer Rascoff
Cofounder, Zillow
Tom McInernery
Emil Michael
Ex-Uber CBO
William Barnes
Early Uber
Scott Saunders, CEO
Happy Money
Steven Eidelman,
Modern Animal
Jake Kassan
Founder, MVMT
Lane Merrifield
Dragon’s Den
Chris Ovitz
Founder, Ok Play
Ara Katz
CEO, Seed
Rosie O’neill
Josh Resnick
Mark Mullen
Josh Payne
CEO, StackCommerce
Jason Nazar
CEO, Comparably
Tony & AJ
Founders, iCracked
Matt O’Conner
CEO, AdQuick
Jeff Morris,
Chapter OneCapital
Kim Perell,
CEO, 100.co
Simon Mosk-Aoyama
CTO, ZocDoc
Grant Miller,
CEO, Replicated
Bryce Maddock,
CEO, TaskUs
Jaspar Weir,
President, TaskUs
John Petote,
Diego Berdakin,
Founder, CloudKitchens
Clark Landry,
Chris Taylor,
Early Uber
Seth Berman,
Damir Becirovic,
Dino Becirovic,
Michael Fishman,
CEO, Maverick
Gautam Gupta,
Founder, NatureBox