Lauren Kleinman
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Founder at Dreamday PR + Co-founder at The Quality Edit, Investor, Advisor. Prev: Founding Team at Ritual

About me

Founder of Dreamday PR + Co-founder of The Quality Edit, Operator, Advisor & Investor

Prev: Founding team at Ritual + VP of Marketing

Investor: Pacaso, Sundays, Italic, Ghia, Kroma, Jambys, Tomorrow Farms, Nue Life, PYM, Angel City FC, Afterparty, Olipop, & more

Things I can advise on: 
- startups 
- fundraising
- product
- early stage marketing
- jumpstarting growth 
- operations
- branding 
- PR
- affiliate marketing
- content & publishing
- investing
- early stage investing

I love helping others, especially entrepreneurs and I can’t wait to help you on your business journey 😊

What to expect

15 minute session

  • - ask three or more questions
  • - tips on jumpstarting growth
  • - advice on fundraising
  • - how to get your first 1000 customers

$500 • Session