Michelle Cordeiro GrantVerified

Founder & CEO of Lively (Fundraised $15M, Sold for $105M)

50% of proceeds will be donated to
Children Museum’s East End

About me

Founder & CEO of Lively (Fundraised $15M, Sold for $105M) 

Lively is a DTC women’s lifestyle brand + community focused on lingerie that inspires women to live life passionately, purposefully, and confidently

Things I can advise on:
- startups
- e-commerce 
- merchandising
- fundraising
- growth
- hiring
- press
- marketing 

“I’m excited to connect and pay it forward to other people that are interested in business, career, or entrepreneurship”

What to expect

15 minute session

  • - ask three or more questions
  • - advice on e-commerce best practices
  • - advice on fundraising, tech, and more

$200 • Session