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Richie StaplerTop Expert

Co-Founder @Pura

About me

Co-Founder of Pura, the world’s first smart diffuser & the largest tech company in the $72B fragrance industry. 

Pura has partnered with brands such as Disney, Kenneth Cole, NEST New York, Anthropologie, and can be found in Neiman Marcus, Saks, Bloomingdale’s, Sephora, Crate & Barrel. 

Things I can advise on:
- Startup fundamentals 
- Bootstrapping vs venture 
- DTC products
- Subscription revenue 
- Creative & branding
- selling to the major retailers
- partnerships
- Networking / outreach
- Books for founders

Looking forward to helping you on your business journey!

Eu falo português 🇧🇷

What to expect

15 minute session

  • - ask three or more questions
  • - how to cold contact the right way
  • - startup to-do’s

$199 • Session